Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

The site www.foodio.eu is in ownership of LTD „Foodio LV” with a registry number 40103733241 and legal address Dzirnavu street 73 -2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1011. The terms and conditions listed on this page includes the responsibilities and terms taken upon LTD „Foodio LV” and the Terms and Conditions of use for the website users. We kindly ask our users to read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly. Making an order through our website the client agrees to the Terms and Conditions and confirms that the Terms and Conditions have been read. The user is required to follow the Terms and Conditions listed on this page. LTD „Foodio LV” keeps all rights to make changes to Terms and Conditions without previous warning.

1. Foodio.eu Services

Foodio.eu offers an ease of access for clients to reach restaurants and make orders of their choice. The delivery is supplied by Foodio.eu services or, if previously requested by restaurant, restaurants’ delivery services. In case of delay in order delivery time, LTD „Foodio LV” carries no responsibility if the delivery service in question is supplied by a restaurant. All inquiries about delivery service supplied by restaurant must be addressed to the restaurant in question or through foodio.eu services by writing to info@foodio.eu or calling to +37120029069.

2. Cancelling of Orders

Once the order has been confirmed, client cannot cancel the order. This is due to the fact that as soon as order has been confirmed, the preparation process has been begun. Foodio.eu offers the client to review the order details, make last-minute changes and confirm the information provided by client. After the order confirmation the client is required to fully pay for the cost of order listed on the order invoice.

3. Damaged or Incorrect Order

At the time of delivery when client has received the order from a courier, it is required for a customer to check the quality of order or to see if the delivered order matches the customers’ order. In case of incorrect or damaged order which has been caused by delivery service or restaurant, the client has the rights to request a repeated order or to be fully reimbursed for the cost of order. Foodio.eu has committed to do everything in its power to avoid such situations, however, does not maintain any guarantees that the order will not be damaged or changed caused by human error through the delivery or preparation process, nor can foodio.eu be held liable for the actions of individuals working for the delivery service or a restaurant. 

4. Payment

All prices are listed in Euros with VAT included. All prices listed are provided by restaurants. Any uncertainties regarding pricing must be addressed by sending an email to info@foodio.eu. The payment of order can be done through an online payment or cash upon delivery. Foodio reserves the right to request to see the customers card payment method and a current valid ID.

5. Malicious User Actions

Foodio.eu mission target is to offer its services to clients to allow ease of access to restaurants and a streamlined ordering and delivery process. If foodio.eu becomes suspicious of malicious user actions such as, but not limited to payments with stolen creditcard data or making fake orders, foodio.eu maintains all right to decline the order without previous warning and supply the user data to the lawful institutions.

6. Privacy

LTD „Foodio LV” is responsible for the use and security of client data. You can find out more about our privacy policy and data security in our Privacy Policy.